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Hall of Heroes

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The Hall of Heroes is hidden within the Wyld zone at the north end of the island. Only when you announce aloud that you intend to visit the hall may you find it; otherwise the Wyld energies lead you astray. Amidst tangled growth, a boulder rests in the face of a small hill. Rolling that boulder aside reveals a cave opening. 

Entering, you descend a stone staircase. Small shafts in the ceiling allow some light but slant in such a way to keep out the weather.

Below, the staircase opens into a large hall, thirty feet tall, fifty feet wide, and a hundred feet deep (roughly the size of Como Conservatory's Sunken Garden). The walls and vaulted ceiling are fitted slabs of stone, shrouded in roots and vines. Shafts of illumination from above reflect from quartz crystals that seem crafted to hold the sunlight.  The hall was once landscaped like a garden, with subterranean shrubs edging tranquil pools of water. Today it's all a little more overgrown. But the reflections in those pools will still let you visit the Umbral side of the Hall, a place designed to receive ancestor-spirits.


Along the walls of the hall are alcoves dedicated to many of the Sept's dead.


The Wyld Statue

The Wyld personifies itself inside the hall as an animated statue of the hall's creator, Sid Loki's Champion. The statue invites every visitor to tell a story about a hero who died for the Sept.


Memorials In the Hall

Loki's Champion had completed over two dozen statues at the time of his death. Each is an impressive work of art, created with Crafts: Stonecarving x5.


Natural Disaster

Eleven statues occupy an alcove dedicated to Sid's pack Natural Disaster. Freyja, Skald of the Fates; Seamus Scarsinger; a strangely abstract, faceless figure, "Tor"; Pax Blood-Runs-Cold; Wolfgang Boldly-Challenges-his-Foes; Judge of Ahrouns; Eric Scars-of-Regret; Akakios Hammer-of-Man; Ice Heart; and last, carved from the same slab, Sid Loki's Champion and Jurgen the Lion of War. Notably, Sid included himself and Jurgen prior to their deaths. Freyja's statue is damaged, a crack running along its chest as if its head and shoulders were once sheared off.


The Great Hive at Gary

Four of Sid's statues occupy this alcove. Kyle Inner-Light; Axel, the Fenrir "Destiny Pup"; Chases Midnight; and Benny No-Questions-Asked. Benny's statue is unfinished; it was a work in progress at the time of Sid's death.


The Riverside Hive

Three of Sid's statues occupy this niche. Ivan Part of the Solution; Knives and Sharp Things; and Stalwart Grappler.


The Defense of Geyser's Clearing

In this alcove, four of Sid's statues memorialize Stephanie Forgotten-Warrior, Konstantin Tears-of-the-Father, Maddie Bastion-of-Steel, and Lost and Confused.


Independent Alcoves

A statue of Falcon's Screeching Beak commands its own alcove. A statue of Evita Hidden Messenger occupies another. A niche dedicated to the Stand of the Six of River's Might holds a statue of Stalks the Forest.


Adding to the Hall

Loki's Champion designed the hall as a place to remember Sept members who died honorably. Among his original statues, he included nobody who had died with stains of suspicion or condemnation on their memory.


Sept members are welcome to claim alcoves to memorialize their packs or memorable battles, and leave whatever sort of memorial markers they please.


OOC, Players are welcome to add to this page if their characters would add to the Hall of Heroes. 

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