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Garou of the Sept

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Here  are  the names of the current members of the Stone's Heart (Formerly Sept Hero's Rebirth (formerly Sept of Fangs in the Wyrm's Heel (Formerly Sept of Hero's Rest) (Formerly Sept of River's Might)), including common information and tales of their deeds. Entries in italics denote those Fera and Kinfolk who are welcomed by the Sept. 


Please note that all information listed here and on individual pages is considered IC information.




Ashe "Razor Aegis" Fostern Silver Fangs Ahroun Between The Banks Active
Bastian Shawe "Tears of Regret" Cliath Silent Striders Ahroun S.T.A.R.S Shelved
Butch Lawson Cub   Ahroun   Active 
"Carved in Stone" Adren Uktena Philodox Horizon Shelved
Clarence "Goes for the Throat" Cliath Shadow Lords Ahroun War By Other Means ST Character
"Clawrender" Cliath Red Talons Ahroun   ST Character
Constance Vastann Cub   Galliard  
Daniel McFinn "Maximum Verbosity" Adren Fianna Galliard The Stitch Club Active
"Dawns Echo" Adren Get Of Fenris Ahroun Tenfold Active
Declan Billings "?" Fostern Fianna Galliard Dem Boys Active
Devorah bat Avraham v'Uktena "Find The Middle Way" Athro Croatan Galliard Nebula
Douglas Billings "?" ??? Fianna Ahroun Dem Boys Active
Duncan Billings "?" Fostern Fianna Ahroun Dem Boys Active
Dwayne Crump "Breathes Black Smoke" Athro Shadow Lords Theurge Black Air Force Energy Active 
Dzou Wuja "Always Looking" Adren Bone Gnawers Theurge Zephyr Shelved
Elias Harkon "Vanguard of Hope" Adren Children of Gaia Ahroun Zephyr Shelved
Ella "Thankless Job" Adren Shadow Lords Philodox Black Air Force Energy Shelved 
Fade "Head in the Clouds" Adren Bone Gnawers Theurge The Stitch Club Active
Faelan Macmillan "?" Athro Fianna Philodox Into the Black Shelved
"Flower And Thorn" Elder Children of Gaia Ragabash Sky's Talons Active
Hazel Shaw "Bright Smile" Cliath Children of Gaia Theurge   Active 
"Iron's Ember" Athro Get of Fenris Theurge Sky's Talons Shelved
Jack Cooper "Red Harvest" Fostern Glass Walkers Ahroun Idle Hands Active
Jack Ferriman Cliath Stargazers Galliard Red Moon Shelved
Jackson Parrish Cub   Ahroun  
Jo Smith Cub   Ahroun  
John "Speaks Softly" Cliath Stargazers Ragabash The Stitch Club Active
J.T. "Louder Than Words" Cliath Silver Fangs Galliard Between The Banks Active
Julian "Lucky S.O.B." Adren Glass Walkers Ahroun S.T.A.R.S Active 
"Jump" Elder Glass Walkers Philodox Nebula Active
Kai Umagon Fostern Croatan Galliard Red Moon Active 
Kasim "Splitting Silver" Athro Silent Striders Galliard Nebula Active
Kolya Cliath Shadow Lords Ragabash  
"Last Light" Cliath Silent Striders Ahroun Red Moon Shelved 
Lusa "Didn't Do It" Cliath Uktena Ragabash Between The Banks Active
Mabel Rosenthal "Justified Mercy" Fostern Children of Gaia Philodox War By Other Means Active
"Many Paths" Adren Uktena Theurge Black Air Force Energy Active
Marielle Kydwell "Stands on Overwatch" Cliath Glass Walkers 
Ragabash Ears To The Wind Active 
Mason Athro Glass Walkers Theurge War By Other Means Active 
Megan Cub   Theurge  
Nacturn "Guards the Future" Cliath Black Furies Ragabash S.T.A.R.S Active 
Negan McGown Adren Glass Walkers Theurge Alternative Solutions Active
Neil Siven "The Self Made Man" Athro Stargazers Theurge Nebula Active
Nick Jones "Slips the Spider" Cliath  Uktena  Ragabash   ***The Atropos Society***
Nobody "Moonshadow" Cliath Uktena Theurge Between The Banks Active
Nothing Sinister Cliath Shadow Lords Ragabash All for One Shelved
Onyx Cub   Ahroun   ???
"Patience of Stone" Cliath Croatan Philodox   ST Character
Peter "Voice of Change" Adren Get of Fenris Galliard Sky's Talons Shelved 
Petr Kalous "Bulwark Against Chaos" Cliath Silver Fangs Philodox Ears To The Wind Active
Roscoe Cliath Get of Fenris Ahroun Black Airforce Energy Active
Rose Rothchild "Reins Chaos" Fostern Fianna Ragabash Red Moon Active
Rue Richard Cliath Children of Gaia Ahroun Zephyr Active
Sam Connelly "My Brother's Sling" Fostern Fianna Ahroun Outrageous Fortune Active 
Samuel B. Smith "Random Bullshit Go" Cliath Bone Gnawer  Galliard  
Sea's Stone Athro Get of Fenris Philodox Sky's Talons Shelved?
Sebastian "Waters Run Deep" Cliath Fianna Theurge  
Sebastian Cassak "Ruin Of Sappers Cliath Silver Fangs Ahroun   Active
Seth Connelly "My Brother's Arrow"  Cliath Fianna Ragabash Outrageous Fortune Active 
Seth "Sweet Spot" Cliath Glass Walkers Ragabash  
Sienna Fletcher  Cliath Children of Gaia Ahroun Dem Boys Active
Sky "Sees Far and Wide" Adren Children of Gaia Theurge Nebula Active 
Skylar Cliath Get of Fenris Ragabash  

Slėd 'Noah' Anderson

Cliath Silver Fangs Philodox   ST Character
Speaks of Failure Fostern Children of Gaia Galliard S.T.A.R.S Active 
Sprite Cub   Ragabash   Active
Adrian Ivank "Storm's Resolve" Athro Shadow Lords Ahroun Black Air Force Energy Active
Sunders Reality Adren Black Furies Theurge Red Moon Shelved 
Tegan Cub   Ragabash   Active
Telemachus Weaver "Allied Demand" Adren Glass Walkers Theurge The Stitch Club Active
Terminal Solution Fostern Glass Walkers Ragabash  
Tian Long Elder Stargazers Ahroun Horizon Shelved
Tristan Bakerstone Fostern Children of Gaia Ragabash War By Other Means Active
Victor Rex Cub   Galliard  
Zach Nicholson "The Defenestrator Cliath Bone Gnawers  Ahroun Between The Banks 





Changing Breeds and Kinfolk



Name Breed Rank Active/Shelved/ST
Johnny White Strip Corax Neocornix Active
Arthur Guhral   Shelved
Simon Strand Kinfolk N/A Active




The Honored Dead


Visit the Hall of Heroes and pay your respects to the Honored Dead.




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