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The Sept of Shadow's Dream

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Leaves of Ashes was an Elder Lupus Philodox of the Glass Walkers and the Alpha of the flourishing Sept of the Forgotten War, several years after that Sept's founding. Believing that the Garou of Forgotten War had enjoyed too much success in reclaiming their territory for the Wyrm, Leaves of Ashes left Forgotten War in Silver Fang hands, then led his forces to a new, more challenging battleground -- the Twin Cities.


Calling themselves the Sept of Shadow's Dream, these Garou acquired an old brick school in St. Paul as a staging ground for a new fight against the Wyrm. They found many pockets of corruption in the city to fight. One battle at a corrupt medical factory struck Leaves of Ashes with a debilitating wound, and rather than suffer his Sept to tend his sickness, he took the route of the Winter Wolf.


Before long, internal strife began to prey on the Garou of Shadow's Dream. With no Caern to protect, they never united around any rallying point. Living far from any source of Gaia's power took a heavy spiritual toll on many members of the Sept, especially the lupus.


Ultimately, with nothing of value to defend inside the city, a large cohort of the Sept simply walked out -- following Talking Crazy and Pip to the island that would soon become the Sept of River's Might. Of the remaining Garou of Shadow's Dream, some took the walkout as a challenge, bringing a fight to the island's shores. Others quietly stayed in the city to do what good they could. It took the Caern-building at River's Might to settle the division, finally uniting the Garou of the region around a place of Gaia's power worth fighting for.


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