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The Sept of Forgotten War

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Level 5 Caern to West Wind



In the nineteenth century, the region around New Ulm, Minnesota, fell into open conflict between the native people and the European settlers. Behind this conflict was an equally bloody struggle between the Uktena and Wendigo tribes and the Get of Fenris. Their conflict ultimately cost the region its Caern. It is this "forgotten war" that gives the Sept of today its name.


In the aftermath of losing their Caern, the survivors of the Sept of the Rising Winds discovered the forgotten site near New Ulm and set about reclaiming it for Gaia. The Caern was built beneath the patron Totem Lord of Eagles -- though this spirit eventually ceded the place of power to the West Wind, which remains its Totem today.


Before long, Forgotten War grew to become one of the most powerful Caerns of the region. It attracted record numbers of Garou to defend and serve its territory, of every tribe. The Sept of Forgotten War foiled attempts to invade their territory by fallen Garou and by technological Willworkers. They destroyed Hives, purged wyrm-factories from the area, and wiped out townships infested with Fomori. It played host to the Nation for multiple Grand Moots, including one fateful moot at which the Stargazer tribe was formally accepted back into the Nation. The success story of this Sept was so total, in fact, that it led to an unheard-of turnover of power.


The fifth Alpha of the sept (also the third; see below), Leaves of Ashes, Elder Lupus Philodox of the Glass Walkers, eventually decided that he wanted to take his people somewhere more dangerous -- a territory where the Wyrm's power was stronger, so that he and his Garou could make a bigger impact for Gaia. Leaves of Ashes therefore arranged to transfer the Caern and its territory entirely into the hands of the Silver Fang tribe, while he led his Garou back to the Twin Cities, founding the Sept of Shadow's Dream.


For a long time after, Forgotten War was held securely by the Silver Fangs. It had a fairly friendly relationship with the Garou who survived Shadow's Dream to become River's Might. Forgotten War and River's Might worked jointly with Sigurd's Courage to repel an incursion of Thunderwyrms. Years later, Forgotten War and River's Might stood against Sigurd's Courage and the northern Red Talon packs when a fallen Shadow Lord Elder tried to rule the region.


Around the time River's Might became Hero's Rest, a new Alpha had come to power at Forgotten War. Enabled by his Master of Challenge, he declared the territory to be in a Time of War and brooked no challenges to his position. This gave rise to a siege of sorts from Fenrir allies of Sigurd's Courage, who smelled weakness in the Alpha and sought to take the Caern. When one day the Silver Fang Alpha was mysteriously assassinated, the Fenrir got their wish. An Elder Ahroun named Sunders Mountains took leadership of Forgotten War.


Location and Access

Forgotten War occupies land several miles southeast of the city of New Ulm, Minnesota. While the surrounding area tends toward flat farmland, the bawn of the Caern is shaped like a bowl -- rising up slightly, then sinking gently in toward the heart of the Caern. The edges of the bawn are thickly forested and enchanted with rites, making it all appear as nothing more than a large swath of undeveloped wilderness. Access to the Caern comes through a single rocky gully that breaks the treeline and leads down into the bawn.


On the Caern

A thick canopy of branches shades the bawn, limiting the amount of direct sunlight that reaches the forest floor. This keeps the undergrowth modest, creating an open, almost park-like feel beneath the trees. There are lodges for residents and a great hall for meetings -- all solid and superbly constructed, refurbished to the standards of the Silver Fangs.


The heart of the Caern is a mighty ash tree, its branches seeming to reach up into the firmament of the heavens itself. The Fenrir believe this tree has a spiritual link to Yggdrasil, the World Ash.


The Totem

The West Wind, an elemental Totem of Leadership, blesses Forgotten War. The wind resides in the upper branches of the mighty ash tree at the heart of the Caern where the previous totem, Lord of Eagles, once perched.


Garou of Note

Before being held by the Silver Fangs, Forgotten War was a place for Garou of many tribes to make their name.


  • Jacob Shreds his Prey, Elder Homid Ahroun of the Get of Fenris, first Alpha
  • Sparks the Leeches, Elder Homid Theurge of the Children of Gaia, second Alpha
  • Leaves of Ashes, Elder Lupus Philodox of the Glass Walkers, third and fifth Alpha
  • Gunter Bleeds for the Sept at Dawn, Elder Homid Theurge of the Get of Fenris, fourth Alpha
  • Talking Crazy, Lupus Ragabash of the Uktena, spent years as Den Father of Forgotten War, ushering dozens of cubs through their Rites of Passage





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