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The Sept of the Rising Winds

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The Sept of Rising Winds harbored a small Sept of Garou in the early 2000s, occupying a Caern in a city park in St. Paul. The Caern totem was Bear, a spirit that attracted an unusual ally to the Sept in the person of a Gurahl (a bear-shifter).


The Caern's urban location made it a challenge to maintain and defend -- eventually leading to its downfall. A powerful swarm of weaver-spirits attacked Rising Winds in 2003. Although the Garou turned away the attack, the ordeal dealt terrible damage to the land itself and drained the power of the Caern Totem. The Garou of the Sept had no choice but to give the Bear-spirit over to an elder Gurahl for protection and healing, closing their battered Caern.


The survivors of Rising Winds went on to found the Sept of Forgotten War.


Famous Members


  • Alex Prides-in-Blood, Homid Philodox of the Silver Fangs, established his career as a Garou by leading Rising Winds.
  • Jacob Shreds his Prey, Homid Ahroun of the Get of Fenris, also made his name here, taking the reins of leadership after Prides-in-Blood.
  • Howls in Pub, Lupus Philodox of the Fianna, counted himself among the Sept's early members. 
  • Sparks the Leeches, Homid Theurge of the Children of Gaia, also began making his name at this Sept. 
  • Talking Crazy, Lupus Ragabash of the Uktena, settled here shortly after his Rite of Passage. He snuck onto the bawn and revealed himself in Crinos form to Prides-in-Blood, announcing himself as "Destroyer of the Unwary," ordering his "legions of the wyrm" to attack, and feigning confusion when no legions came to his aid. Prides-in-Blood saw through the prank immediately -- but the "legions of the wyrm" joke followed Talking Crazy for his entire life.
  • Oswald Destined-by-Gaia, Homid Gurahl, was a staunch ally of Rising Winds. Though greatly grieved by the loss of the Caern, his ties of brotherhood with Shreds his Prey, Howls in Pub, and Talking Crazy drew him to remain an ally of the Garou all the way until the founding of River's Might.

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