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Garou Template

Page history last edited by Di 5 years, 4 months ago

This page serves as a template for creating a Garou character page. When you're logged into the wiki, you can copy it using the "Copy this Page" link on the right. Give it the name of your character, and fill in the information (feel free to add any other headings you'd like for other people to know about your character). Save the page when you're done; you can also add a link to your page from wherever else your character is listed (Packs, Stories, etc.).

Name and Deed Name

The Sept of Heroes' Rebirth

Breed: (Breed)     Auspice: (Auspice)     Tribe: (Tribe)     Rank: (Rank)


Title: (Title/s)


Physical Description:


Relevant Merits/Flaws/Pure Breed: (include those obvious to others- Fair Glabro, One Eye, etc.)


Character Information

Include history, character quirks, and other tidbits here.



Add current and previous packs here, including positions held and other information; you can link to them in the Packs section (disbanded packs can be linked to the Defunct Packs page).


Personal Totem:

If your character follows a personal totem, list it here and give any description you'd like.










Stories: Add links to stories involving your character.

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