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The Sept of Hero's Rest (redirected from The Sept of River's Might)

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Level 4 Caern to Aray



The Sept now called Hero's Rest was created in May of 2009, as a Caern-raising which brought together Garou from dozens of Septs across the Nation. The territory was prepared by Pip, Athro Homid Theurge of the Bone Gnawers; it was claimed by Talking Crazy, Elder Lupus Ragabash of the Uktena; and the Rite of Caern Building was performed by Gunter Bleeds-for-the-Sept-at-Dawn, Elder Homid Theurge of the Get of Fenris. The Sept was first named River's Might, the spirit of the Mississippi River being its Totem.


Talking Crazy led the young Sept with Pip as his beta. Many of its original members came from the Sept of Shadow's Dream, which itself had emerged out of the Sept of the Forgotten War. In some ways the sept is a daughter of Forgotten War, although the Sept has done much to establish its own identity since its founding.


Since its founding, the Sept has been involved in a number of notable events:


  • Three Thunderwyrms. River's Might joined with neighboring Septs Forgotten War and Sigurd's Courage to repel three titanic wyrm-creatures advancing north into their territory.
  • Destroying Hives. River's Might has been a primary player in destroying multiple hives in the region: a hive of the Hidden Foe beneath Lake Como in St. Paul, a hive to the Dark Fungus in the Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis, and the former Sept of Cracked Ice in Ontario.
  • The Garou Nation Pack Tourney. River's Might hosted the Nation in a tourney of packs, determining the greatest in battle and the greatest Umbral voyagers.
  • The Battle of Belle Plaine. The actions of a fallen Metis Shadow Lord Elder dragged the region into war, pitting the forces of Sigurd's Courage and the Red Talon packs of the north against Forgotten War. River's Might was key in breaking their stalemate at the battle of Belle Plaine, as well as solely responsible for killing the fallen Elder, restoring peace to the region.
  • Defense of Geyser's Clearing. The Sept of River's Might served as a staging ground for the defense of Geyser's Clearing in Wyoming, bringing to bear forces from across the nation to liberate the besieged Sept from forces of the Wyrm and the Wyld. 
  • Futures Foretold at the 2013 Grand Moot. A prophecy unlike any other arrived at River's Might during a Grand Moot for the nation, drawing the attendees into alternate futures and pasts that warned of a link between the Apocalypse and the titanic hive in Gary, Indiana.
  • The Sept of Hero's Rest. The sept struggled over the years with various forces from the Abyss, and at one point the Realm set its hooks into the sept totem Mississippi herself. In spring of 2014 the Abyss succeeded in wresting the Totem from the Caern. While the Sept acted to ensure Mississippi's safety, they also decided that it was no longer safe to ask her to protect the Caern. Sept Alpha Po Reduced-to-Ashes invited a new spirit, Aray, the Undying Warrior, to protect the Caern, and renamed the territory Hero's Rest.
  • The Defeat of the Great Hive at Gary. Hero's Rest fielded a large force to assist the Nation in its attack on the Gary Hive, putting an end to that offense to Gaia once and for all.


Location and Access

Hero's Rest is based on Grey Cloud Island, a three-mile stretch of land in the Mississippi River southeast of St. Paul, Minnesota. Humans have never paid much attention to the island, thanks in part to local ghost stories -- and now, thanks to the spiritual and physical defenses of the Caern, those ghost stories have real teeth.


A simple two-lane bridge from the suburb of Cottage Grove provides the only vehicular route onto to the island today. The Sept of Hero's Rest guards the bridge as the primary access onto the island. To set foot on the island any other way, you must first ford the river, a task made difficult by the fact that Mighty Mississippi herself jealously guards her own banks. The island's shores are rocky and overgrown with vegetation, slowing invaders further and concealing the activities within.


On the Caern

About a thousand acres of land comprise the island, in a rough football shape extending from the northwest to the southeast. Trees and native growth flourish along the banks of the Mississippi.


The northwest end of the island is home to an old stone quarry, now being reclaimed by the land. The river herself has claimed much of the center of the island, forming inlets like little lakes whose levels rise and fall with the seasons. The southeast end of the island is where most Garou activity carries on. There's an old church building and a number of houses there, relics of the island's human past. The church is used as a the main gathering hall for Sept matters, while the houses are held by various packs, individuals, and kinfolk who live on the Caern.


Tucked away on the north end of the island is a memorial ground for the fallen of the Sept, the Hall of Heroes.



The Totem

Aray, the undying warrior, is the Totem of the Caern. Being very recently invited to join with the land in spring 2014, he has yet to establish much of a reputation among members of the Sept.

Spiritual Defenders and Protective Rituals

  • Defender: Aeolus - If any enemies of the sept get on the bawn, Aeolus will obscure the bawn, while leaving it clear to the defenders (dealt with by Saffir)
  • Defender: Earthquake - Any enemies that travel by land will be known to the warder of the sept (dealt with Tears of the Father)
  • Defender: Eagle - Circling overhead, always on the hunt for enemies of the caern (dealt with Falcon's Screeching Beak)
  • Defender: Falcon - Circling overhead, always on the hunt for enemies of the caern (dealt with Falcon's Screeching Beak)
  • Defender: Humming Bird - at a steep price of gnosis, Humming Bird can be called upon by the warder to battle! (dealt with Walking Westward)
  • Defender: Mosquito - any wyrm-taint on the bawn will summon a swarm of mosquitoes (dealt with Stalks the Forest)
  • Defender: Trees - ? (dealt with Delays Sunset?)
  • Defender: Wyvern - the precient wyvern guards the caern (dealt with Falcon's Screeching Beak?)
  • Defender: Water - enemies of the caern that travel by water will be noticed and deterred by the water spirits (dealt with Delays Sunset?)
  • Defender: Wind - any ranged weapon not marked with a wind glyph will have difficulty being used within the bawn (dealt with Winds of Change)
  • Ritual: Shrouded Glen
  • Ritual: Enchant the Forest - The area appears haunted - the wyld spirits of the area are awake and aware.



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Kr1mz0n said

at 12:03 pm on Jun 11, 2012

I thought Kyle Speaks Softly (now Inner Light) performed the Caern Building Rite?

Adam said

at 12:12 pm on Jun 11, 2012

I could be misremembering. We can ask Nick and Tom this weekend!

Kr1mz0n said

at 12:23 pm on Jun 11, 2012

awesome! also, if you have any thoughts of maybe putting the spriit defenders elsewhere, or changing the way I listed them...

Adam said

at 1:30 pm on Jun 11, 2012

I'll just move them to the end. I'd like this page to be accessible to new players, which means putting general information first where they will encounter it first. Specific information that might dissuade a newbie from reading further should be further down the page.

Kr1mz0n said

at 3:45 pm on Jun 11, 2012

I agree... need to figure out if there are more, less, or what part of my info is incorrect.

Torzeng said

at 5:02 am on Sep 9, 2015

This page needs updated on loss / lack of a Caern, correct? - (new player; Jasper)

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