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Alpha's Laws

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The Laws of The Sept of Stone's Heart



As laid out by the alpha of the sept: Jump, Philodox, Glasswalker, Homid, Athro. For as long as I serve this sept as its Alpha, the following shall be the positions of leadership within the sept and the delegation of my authority to those positions.




The Alpha of the Sept shall clearly establish the borders of the territory which they claim as their own.  Within this territory the alpha shall be considered the leader in all things, and their station greater than all others within the sept.  The Sept Alpha may grant members of their sept guardianship over an area, giving them the rights to grant and deny permission to enter an area.  Should they grant a guardianship to any member of their sept, they shall make this information public to the entire sept. A guardianship may be removed at any time.  The Alpha of the Sept shall maintain the right to overrule any member of the sept leadership in their territory. Should the Alpha of the Sept choose to enact this power, they shall be considered to hold all rights and privileges of the position that they are overruling.  




The Betas of all leadership positions shall hold territory over all the same areas as the primary position holder, whenever the position holder is absent from the territory, or when they choose to delegate those powers to their Beta. 


Den Parent


The Den Parent shall hold territory over all cubs of the sept.  It is their territory and responsibility to instruct the cubs in the ways of the Garou and protect them from threats they are not yet capable of handling.  The Den Parent may limit the interactions of any member of the sept with the cubs that are currently under their charge. The Den Parent may establish rules for the cubs to follow, and discipline cubs who fail to abide by those rules.  The Den Parent may assign a temporary patron to instruct a cub, during which time the patron will be responsible for the safety and protection of the cub. The Den Parent may rescind this patronage at any time. 


Keeper of the Land


The Keeper of the Land shall hold territory over all physical constructions on the bawn, as well as changes to the spiritual landscape of the bawn.  They shall also hold territory over all shrines on the bawn. The Keeper of the Land may grant guardianship over a shrine to any pack or individual. That pack or individual may then grant or deny access to the shrine that they are responsible for.  Should they grant a guardianship to any member of this sept, they shall make this information public to the entire sept. A guardianship may be removed at any time. The Keeper of the Land must be consulted before this territory is tread upon, and failure to do so will result in the removal of the construction or change, as well as punishment for violating the Litany. 


Master of the Challenge


The Master of the Challenge shall hold territory over all challenges between Garou who hold membership within the sept.  The Master of the Challenge may wave this privilege of territory over whatever challenges they see fit, and may rescind this waver at any time.  Any challenge between a Garou of this sept, and a Garou of another sept, must be logged with the Master of the Challenge, however the Master of the Challenge shall only hold territory over challenges between Garou not of this sept if it takes place upon the bawn. When a challenge, not related to a Garou advancing in rank, is laid before another Garou, the Master of the Challenge shall set the terms of that challenge. The Master of the Challenge will endeavor to set a challenge that is fair to both parties of the challenge, and ensure the challenge is handled honorably. 


Master of the Rite


The Master of the Rite shall hold territory over any usage of ritual which takes place within the physical territory of the sept as laid out by the Alpha.  The current Master of the Rite, Iron's Ember, has decreed that all Garou may utilize rituals they are taught, and are expected to be wise and honorable in their usage. Failure to do so will be seen not only as a failure of the ritualist but also of the Garou who instructed them in the rite.




The Truthcatcher shall hold territory over all judgements levied upon a Garou within the physical territory of the sept.  Any Philodox may levy punishment upon members of their own pack, however the Truthcatcher maintains the privilege to overrule any punishment levied by another Philodox within the sept.  Judgements of the spirits shall be considered their own, and respected, but the judgements of any member of the Sept shall not be considered permanent until they are approved by the Truthcatcher; as such no punishment rituals should be performed until approved by the Truthcatcher. 




The Warder shall hold territory over who is permitted to enter the physical territory of the sept.  The Warder may extend the power to accept or deny entry to the sept to any member that they deem worthy of serving as ‘Guardians’ of the sept.  All Garou of the sept are expected to aid in enforcing the Warder’s will when a Garou is denied entry or banished from the sept. The Warder shall also hold territory over the organization of defense when the sept falls under assault.  During this time all Garou shall yield to the word of the Warder, and aid the Warder in the defense of the caern. 




The Wyrmfoe shall hold loose territory over the Garou’s battle against the Wyrm within the territory of the sept.  Enemies laid down by the Wyrmfoe shall be considered strict enemies of the sept, and any Garou found to be interacting with these enemies in a non-hostile course shall be considered to be violating the second tenant of the Litany.  No enemy as determined by the Wyrmfoe may hold any alliance or treaty with the sept. The Wyrmfoe may rescind their declaration of an enemy at any time. All pack alphas shall be expected to coordinate with the Wyrmfoe when going after enemies of the sept.  Failing to inform the Wyrmfoe of an enemy that exists within the physical territory of the sept shall be considered a violation of their territory. All pack alphas are expected to aid in battles against enemies of the sept if requested by the Wyrmfoe.




The Talesinger shall hold loose territory over the tales of renown sung within the sept, and over the performance of the Rite of Accomplishment. The Talesinger shall seek to guide the Galliards of the sept in telling truly amazing tales worthy of retelling for generations to come. The Talesinger may temporarily restrict another Garou from telling tales or performing the Rite of Accomplishment if they believe there is further mentoring to be done, but such restrictions will come with instruction and not be used to punish any Garou.




Any Garou who fails to respect these territories of the leadership of the sept shall be punished for violating the litany.  Members of Sept Leadership may expand their territory with the permission of the Alpha of the Sept. This change to territory shall be announced before the sept, and this document will be edited to reflect this change.




Wartime will only be considered a period declared by the Alpha of the Sept, the wyrmfoe prior to a major assault, or the Warder when they believe the sept is in danger of imminent assault. 




The physical territory of this sept shall be as follows: for those familiar with mortal designations of land, our territory shall be considered to be the counties of Beltrami, Clearwater, and Hubbard and their Umbral reflections. If you are unfamiliar with the mortal designations of land, seek me out and I will show you the territory.


The Sky Talons have been granted the following land to guard: "The Compound" (More details to be added soon!)

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