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Twin Cities Garou Player Wiki

Page history last edited by Ryan S 11 months, 2 weeks ago

Welcome to the Last Stand player wiki, a source of in-character information about the world of Twin Cities Garou: Last Stand, a sibling to the TCGarou House Rules site.


Please remember that everything on this wiki is considered In Character information (true or not).

That means anything you put in about your character, including things he or she has done recently, is known generally by the entire game

This wiki is not official by STaff standards; use of this wiki for reference is at our discretion. This is a tool by the players for the players.


In-Character Information



You Can Edit This Wiki

Editing this wiki isn't hard. You should try it!


Start by requesting access using the links on the right. Once we make you an editor -- experiment. It's pretty easy to figure out, and you can never mess anything up that can't be undone later. The information here is meant to be player-created and player-maintained, and your help is an important part of that.


To make a page for any of your characters, start by reading the Garou Template.


You can find official game information, maintained by the staff, on the TCGarou House Rules site


Privacy Policy

To preserve our players' privacy on the Internet, please do not edit these pages to include actual real player names or contact information.


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