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Caern Information

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The Bawn and Caern Information for the Sept of Stone's Heart





Description Notes


The quarry has been close in the real world for years as there is nothing left for them to dig up, it is up to the STs if that is the case, the festival itself is in the center of the plot of land that can't actually be seen from the roads (the buildings off of 41 are apart of the property as well and are the Trail of Terror which is owned by the festival as well as well as the small horse track and buildings attached for the animals that are festival grounds during the run. If my memory serves it is some 30 odd acres that are apart of the festival site.  The land is marked private property with heavy gates blocking both entrances as well as barbwire fencing on the edges that are accessible. (Trust me no one wants to trudge through that swamp that's a normal human it's a bad plan) Please enjoy your general knowledge




Specific Locations



Arms & Armor shop

Faelan has taken the Arms and Armor shop.  The left side as you look at it is being made into a Shrine to Brigid.  The right end is being dedicated to Stag.  Faelan lives out back.


Cartwheel Cove

This are has been claimed by the Bone Gnawers of the Sept


Lost Children area

Within King's Gate, This are has been claimed by the Bone Gnawers of the Sept


Queen's Pub

Tempered Hope has set up shop at Queen's pub, as well as figuring out how to add a forge to it out the back to the cove.  She has moved one of the Caravan's from Gypsy/Sherwood stage over to it as well.



This area has been set up as a sort of general goods shop should people need something.

  • Clothing:  There is a plethora of clothing of various shapes & sizes for the Sept.  Building what amounts to a treasure trove of outfits, footwear, etc.  (all mundane store-bought stuff, nothing really fancy).  These will be items for the Lupus & less fortunate to raid when they have need to go into the city or other High-Ban locations.  (Aristotle spent $10k on all the different clothings)
    • Specific Clothing
      • Black thermal hoodies (full zip w/hood)
        • Quantity:  30 - These hoodies are nice & soft without letting air through them.  They’re like wrapping yourself in a comforter that protects you from the cold.  (Mills Fleet Farm Carhartt)  
  • Pre-Paid debit cards
    • There's 10 cards in the shop, if they are needed, they have $200 on each of them. 
  • Rogue Expedition® 0°F Canvas Sleeping Bag
    • Quantity: 30 - The ultra-rugged 10-oz. cotton-canvas shell features a 100% brushed cotton-flannel lining, plus a whopping 5 lbs. of polyester hollow fiberfill insulation to lock in your body's heat – keeping you comfortably warm down to 0°F. 


Sherwood stage

This area has been claimed for the Bone Gnawers


Challenge Circle

  • location unknown
  • Spirit involved:  Fenris
  • Chiminage:  blood sacrifice (It does not require more than the pricking of a finger. Smear that blood on any of the nine columns that surround the circle.)
    • Note:  Failure to give the sacrifice means you do not get the benefit is all
  • Effect:  After challenge, traits/abilities/rage refreshes 

Built by Tyr's Lesson


The Garou Astralarium and Orrery

This building has been repurposed from the Oak Event Center, to portray a massive moving sculpture of an Orrery.  The Orrery itself is controlled by a sizable

crank and pulley system.  There are painted murals of mythological and heavenly significance, but in keeping with  the high ban, it lacks any identifiable signage,

nor instructions on how to use or interpret the sculpture.  It is implied that should a Garou wish to use it, they may simple arrange the sculpture as they desire.

Built by Attenuates the Fade


The Olympian Forge and Workshop

This area was put together over time, with the help of a number of Garou.  It is a well crafted Forge, dedicated to the memory of Haephestus, The hellenic diety of metalworking.

It is open for public use, though the material stock has depleted itself over time from various users.   It is not intended to fulfill the role of a shrine.

Built by Shield of Hope / Attenuates the Fade


Current "Owner" of the Fest Grounds


(PC Contact: Lexy, Lithe Inner Strength)




Fest Location relative to the Twin Cities


Rough layout of the Fest Grounds


Utilities provided to the Fest Grounds

  • Off-Grid solar power system set up for our main meeting area (assumed to be Bad Manor)
  • Off-Grid solar power system set up to provide a little bit of power throughout the grounds, as needed
    • Both sets of solar power systems to power a small homestead/ranch.  Primarily used as a "back-up" system, there's a multitude of potential uses for this.
  • 175000 BTU Forced Air Kerosene Heater with Thermostat
    • Quantity: 6, This heater isn’t fucking around.  I figure we only need these for certain areas, or outside stuff.  It’s important to note that these heaters use a consumption fuel, even at 11 hours per tank, they still aren’t designed for constant use for huge amount of days and such.
      • Aristotle has been purchasing fuel for these, and keeping them working 
  • 20,000-Watt 240-Volt Forced Air Electric Heater
    • Quantity: 10, These can be used in a variety of different buildings on the fest grounds, used primarily to reduce the chill.  I don’t know if these will get rid of it, but these will definitely help.


Spirit Defenders


Check this page for information about spiritual defenses.







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