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The Sept of Stone's Heart (redirected from The Sept of Fangs in the Heel of the Wyrm)

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Level 5 Caern of Memory to Granite



Originally carrying on the previous caern's name of Hero's Rest, the caern was founded in November of 2015, with Lex Talionis leading the Rite of Caern Building. The alpha of the Sept at that time, Winter's Eve, changed the name to Fangs in the Heel of the Wyrm in April 2016.  The septs name was changed to Hero's Rebirth in 2017 after a black spiral dancer forcibly removed Rattlesnake. Stag filled the role as a temporary guardian, before Loon took his place as the permanent totem. The bawns Taylor's Falls location was napalmed, but some forewarning gave everyone enough time to evacuate, including the totem. Upon building a new caern, Granite took over, and the Sept was once again renamed. It is now called Stone's Heart. A mystical event in late July or early August of 2021 saw the entirety of the Sept, the Bawn, and its spirits relocated from the 'prime' reality to an alternate universe. The bawns physical location was also moved as part of this mystical event. 


Location and Access


The Caern is located close to the city of Bemidji, MN.


On the Caern


Despite its relocation to the universe it now inhabits, the Caern resembles the Renaissance Festival grounds from the 'prime' reality. This  includes many of the original buildings, which were reinforced and fixed once the Sept took over the property. For detailed information, see Caern Information


The Totem

Granite, the backbone of the Appalachian mountains, Granite stands for stability and stoicism. He has weathered eons of change, hard and unyielding. He is determined to weather the Apocalypse itself.


Spiritual Defenders and Protective Rituals


See: here for information

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